Your property is likely to be competing with many others in the market and first impressions can be the key to both success and failure. We look to secure bright and attractive imagery to make your property stand out against the competition and attract the very best sale price.


We offer in-house photography as part of our all-inclusive fee so you can be assured of quality advertising without paying any money up front. We take great pride in our photos so to enable us to showcase your property to its fullest potential, we have provided some tips to prepare the property to be "photograph ready".


• De-clutter – This cannot be overstated enough. Buyers like to see a property being enjoyed as a home so photos and personal possessions are perfectly acceptable but remove all paperwork, clothes, kitchenware such as crockery and any other items which can be put away in cupboards and drawers. Bathroom items such as shampoo bottles, razors and similar products should also be removed. When getting your property "photograph ready" just ask yourself "What would I as a potential buyer not wish to see"


• Exterior appearance – Sellers often forget that exterior areas are equally as important to buyers. Spend a little time removing any garden items (children’s bikes, footballs, etc.) which will improve exterior photos. If you have garden furniture, arrange it to demonstrate the benefits of an outside area to socialise with friends and family. Cut the grass if possible and sweep down any hardstanding/patio areas.


• Natural Light - Ensure that every room in your home has sufficient natural light. Open blinds or curtains and remove any furniture or possessions which obscure light entering in to a room. We find photographing properties using as much natural light as possible provides the best results.


• Pets - If you have pets, ensure that all, beds, bowls, animal toys etc, are moved for the purpose of securing photos. Look to accommodate pets elsewhere for viewings. Some people will be particularly wary of dogs so if a friend or family member can take them for a walk while conducting viewings this will ensure a potential buyer is focused solely on the viewing. We have found a pet free environment during viewings to be more productive.


• Dressing up your property - Small, often inexpensive "dressing up" of a property can go a long way to improving the appearance for marketing purposes. From new towels in a bathroom to fresh bedsheets in the bedroom, as trivial as it sounds, even small changes such as this can leave a positive impression.


If you have any questions relating to photographing your home, feel free to contact one of our property experts to discuss in more detail.

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